dat stretch doe.

I don’t do yoga but I love my yoga wheel

How do I know I’m not basic? Well, it’s not the Michael Kors bag I carry, or my inner arm text tattoo, or my love of PSL’s… No no, I’m…

I took my Mala to the park and repeated my mantra in public - surprisingly fun!

I think meditation kinda works

Yeah so, as the title of this post would suggest, I’ve been meditating and I think it might, kinda, maybe, actually work. My therapist suggested I meditate back in January…

My coworker Matt, me, my boss Chris, and my coworker Jen (JP!) - the winners from team EDM! (yes that's really my team's acronym)

I still can’t believe this happened

It’s Sunday morning the weekend after my company’s award celebration and I still can’t believe it even happened to me. I remember from last year that the Individual Winners were…


Fall 2016 Like Whoa

I’m a Type A personality. I have anxiety. I have planners and calendars with details down to the minute. And it should come as no surprise that I am 100%…


New York City in September

About a year and a half ago my department was relocated from Enterprise Marketing to Information Technology, and with that… my travel budget kinda died. But I was able to…

Mi casa

Should I Stay Or Should I Go… Now-ish?

Buy this house? Buy another house? Beg to keep renting another year? What do I do…!?!?


Well… August has been certainly been interesting

It’s the 13th and I already have a list of how cray August 2016 has been for me. Let’s go in order, shall we? I got an amazing review for…


Alicia’s Annual Thoughts on Politics – 2016 Election

At the DNC our POTUSย gave an amazing, inspiring speech that was complimented by representatives from both parties. Because regardless of how you might feel about Obama, no one can say…

This. exact. moment!!

Reverse Bucket List – Reflecting on Life’s Accomplishments

I stumbled upon a blog the other day that I have absolutely fallen in love with – BohoBerry by Kara; a blog aboutย living an inspired life. While I was originally…