About a Blogger Who Remembered How to Laugh

About a Blogger Who Remembered How to Laugh

I made a new living room!

So it turns out “waiting for the cats to die before buying new furniture that they’ll only scratch up” is not a great strategy.

Or at least, it’s not a fast strategy.

Because despite having inherited most of our living room furniture eight years ago and the room being long-past due for a makeover, Vince and I have put off investing in new couches and a room that truly reflects OUR style because… cats.

Can you honestly look at this thing and tell it no?
Yes, it can be bad sometimes. But look at that face. Look at it. Look. at. it. #worthit.

Don’t get me wrong –ย I freaking hate that our cats have scratched anything in the house outside of their cat-tower, and we have tried everything to deter them, but I cannot and will not have them declawed. Had we declawed Lexi, her life as a tripod would have been significantly more difficult. So yes, it sucks. But in my mind, short of providing them even more scratch-safe areas, putting on SoftPaws, and beating their asses when I catch them scratching anything else, there are no other alternatives.

Workin’ With What We Had

So because of the ridiculous amount of love we have for our furkids, we’ve spent the last eight years with furniture that doesn’t really reflect our style but was comfortable and good looking enough to deal with – no problems.

Below: Photos of our plum-purple couches, Tamra de Lempicka prints, a green wall we inherited and just kind of made work, and my <sarcasm>favorite part</sarcasm> – Vince’s speakers that he built himself (what an AV geek) but has never put in real cases.

Vince's TV wall. He *insisted* on having the TV on this wall.
Vince’s TV wall. He *insisted* on having the TV on this wall. No, I do not know what we were watching when I took this photo but it looks weird.
These couches worked so hard for the money.
These couches worked so hard for the money but were so dark and such a light-suck. And yes that’s a giant stuffed turtle atop the wall. Vince. Just… Vince.

But it’s been eight years with this stuff… eight long, long years…. and before we left for Jamcruise I had finally had enough of our couches, our layout, hell, the entire house. I was ready to throw everything out, move, and start over.

And after dropping mad dough on our cruise, we came home and I convinced Vince to spend even more money on new furniture.

I trolled Pinterest, I went to furniture websites, I hit Ikea after work. I have never put so much single-minded determination behind a project outside of work and I got the bulk of the items purchased within one week.

I was freaking hell bent on getting this room re-done, and with the help of Vince and Kellan, this is how it turned out!

Taa Daaa!

I fuckin' LOVE it!
I freakin’ LOVE it! Also: photographing rooms is really hard and I have no idea how people make those rooms look so good on Pinterest.

New couch, loveseat, accent chair, rug, throw blankets, pillows, lamps, and curtains. An entirely new layout, TV and speakers in places Vince previously and fiercely refused to put them, and wedding photos on canvas in a place of honor and prominence. This room looks like adults live here. Like, real ones. Kinda creepy, actually.

But seriously, I can’t believe how much of a difference I was able to make on this oddly shaped living room and holy shit I freakin’ love it!

And so does Lexi.

She claimed this chair within 5 minutes of it coming into the living room.
She claimed this chair within 5 minutes of it coming into the living room.


What’s Left to Replace

The only thing left to do is the coffee table and end tables. Those I am not rushing on because I kinda bought a new “coffee table” when I hit an antique shop in Altamonte.

An old Chinese Camphor Trunk carved with peacocks and in desperate need of a high quality makeover.
My new coffee table

This is an old Chinese Camphor trunk carved with mountain scenes and peacocks. It’s not at all what I was considering for the living room. I was looking for a mirrored or black square table, 18″ high with drawers – this is a 20″ tall rectangle that I’ll have to top with glass. But when I saw it, I just fell in love and had to have it. Expect a blog post detailing its restoration sometime later this year. *fingers crossed we don’t totally ruin it*

So this is it! I made a new living room!

When I changed blogs and moved domains, I went in with the spirit of renewed focus on taking care of myself, finding happiness again, and appreciating life.

And making such a HUGE change in our main living space is just another way I’m starting 2015 in a fresh and beautiful way. ๐Ÿ™‚

6 thoughts on “I made a new living room!”

  • Redecorating is my FAVORITE. Getting rid of old stuff is my even FAVORITER. New room looks great! I actually didn’t mind your place beforehand, except for those two pictures on adjacent walls that are not totally not lined up. #OCD

    By the way, you were watching When Harry Met Sally in that first picture. I recognize my favorite movie of all time anywhere. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ali this looks AMAZING! I love the new look. All things need a makeover sooner or later and the turning of the new page of your new blog site is wonderful. So happy for you. Miss ya bunches.

  • Okay now that you said When Harry Met Sally it ALL MAKES SENSE! I seriously saw that photo and could not wrap my head around what the heck we were watching at the time. Old people + weird logo in the bottom right = what the heck…?

    And it’s so funny you mention the two prints not being lined up because that was intentional and I kinda dug it. However, with this new layout – NOTHING is centered. The loveseat isn’t centered to either the TV or the sliding glass door. The rug isn’t centered to either the couch or the loveseat. The chair isn’t centered on the wall or to the rug. It’s driving me crazy and I keep pushing or pulling things around to get them centered to whatever I happen to be looking at, at the time. So yeah, I hear ya on the OCD thing. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Aww thanks, Space! I love this new page – both on my blog and in the house. The guestroom is done, the guest bath is done, the living room is mostly-done, our bedroom is pretty much done. Now I have to get into the front room with all the knickknacks and the big shelf. I don’t know if Vince is going to let me get into that one because he loooooves his Papazon chair but… well… we’ll see. I did convince him to rearrange the living room to a layout he previously refused and now he loves it. So maybe? Wish me luck. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ok, obviously I wasn’t the first to call out the movie title, lol! I dig the layout! So the green wall stays? Of course Her Majesty claimed the awesome striped chair.

    My “favorite” part our our living room is the back couch cushion Aaron INSISTS on leaving off “his side” of the couch so that it will be even deeper. File that under “Shit he should have told me” before we bought the couch. pfft.

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