About a Blogger Who Remembered How to Laugh

About a Blogger Who Remembered How to Laugh

I’m addicted to my effing FitBit

If we’re friends on Swam/FourSquare, (lol yeah right, who uses Swarm? No seriously, who uses Swarm because I have no friends that do anymore and it’s kind of lonely) you might have noticed that I have pretty much moved into LA Fitness since early February.

I also did another three day juice cleanse, have been eating almost 100% “clean,” AND have logged my daily intake of calories and food.

Crazy, right?

Welp, blame FitBit. Because I am totally, 100% effing addicted to this little thing.


I’m so addicted that I convinced Cody and Pants to get FitBits.

I’m so addicted that I won’t even walk from the shower to my nightstand without my FitBit in-hand.

I’m so freaking addicted that I refresh the app on my phone every 30 freaking minutes even though my FitBit One has a screen to show me steps!

Why so addicted?

Personally, I blame two things for this addiction:

  1. Data. I love graphs and measurement and KPI’s and ROI in my professional life so it only makes sense that I would love all of those things in my personal life as well. Data. ALL the data about my body. Freakin’ addicting.
  2. Competition. See… when I first got my FitBit it was just an app and a tracker and a dashboard to log things. But they released updates and now I can challenge my friends to “Work Week Hustles” to see who can get the most steps Monday – Friday, or “Weekend Warrior” challenges to see who gets the most on Saturday and Sunday. I’m an Aries and I like to win things. So bring it, friends-I-love-but-will-totally-crush in a Work Week Hustle. Bring. IT!

Didn’t you already do this tracker thing?

Dear Past Ali – You should not have gotten that Body Media Fit Core thing you had to wear around your arm. You should have gone with your gut and gotten the FitBit just like everyone else.

Because yes, I have done the tracker thing. I specifically did NOT get the FitBit One a couple of years ago and instead went with the Body Media tracker. I read so many reviews and compared the two for weeks before finally going with Body Media, and that thing sucked. It was a glorified step counter (despite lots of other claims), the dashsboard was not free and the app wouldn’t work with my phone. Not to mention it sucked to wear it ALL the time.

My FitBit has a free dashboard, is easily concealed on my person, is a step counter plus stair and distance and calorie counter, and not only is the app awesome but it also has that social media/competition aspect to it that I LOVE.

And the point of this is..?

What I’m really excited about is how much my FitBit has driven me to change.

The new level of awareness I have about my body’s intake and output of calories is so enlightening. With this new awareness I am encouraged and compelled to do more. And doing more exercise, activity, and healthy eating can only make a better ME, which is awesome.

A few posts back I talked about deleting my Facebook account and how unhealthy the compulsion to check that app and newsfeed had become. With FitBit the compulsion to document, check-in, and scroll through a feed is totally healthy (okay… well… physically healthy). I see that I’m behind in steps, or it would only take a walk around the house to get me to my goal or a new badge, and I get my ass up and walk. I know how much a cupcake will cost me in caloric intake and how hard I’ve worked for the caloric burn of the day, and I don’t eat the freakin’ cupcake (or… I just add another 2000 steps to my goal. womp womp).

So the point of this is post is two fold. 1) YAY FitBit! I love you! And 2) If you’re reading this, please get a FitBit and friend me so that I can crush your soul in steps during a Work Week Hustle. 😉

2 thoughts on “I’m addicted to my effing FitBit”

  • I am one of those friends that quit when Foursquare turned to Swarm. Man, I hate Swarm. I miss my badges and points and the check-in on Swarm is a PITA compared to Foursquare. Bad move, app makers. Bad move.

    In other news, I too have a Fitbit and am obsessed! In fact, I had a pedometer before the Fitbit that I was super obsessed with as well. The obsession doesn’t end. It’s been a good 2.5 years for me checking my steps like a freakin’ hawk. I get really excited on marathon days when I get 30k steps. I will walk around the damn house to get to a new level. 9800 steps? Oh no. That will not do. I will walk around my kitchen until it is 10k.

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