About a Blogger Who Remembered How to Laugh

About a Blogger Who Remembered How to Laugh

Drafts I can’t seem to finish

Sooooo for whatever reason, I just don’t have an internal monologue going. I can’t seem to write. I don’t have a voice.

I *want* to write. I totally crave the release of writing and I really want to document the awesomeness that has taken place this year because that’s what this ol’ blog is for.

And yet… I got nothin’.

One day it will come and I’ll flood your inboxes with old, outdated, irrelevant news.  Topics include:

  • Blue Apron Changed Our FREAKIN’ Lives
  • HoopCamp 2015 did NOT suck – SURPRISE!
  • I turned 33. No exclamation point.
  • Taking Inventory: Learning to love everything awful about myself
  • My Two Year Husband (an anniversary post… I might actually just wait til next year on that one. Sorry baby!)
  • Google day-passes – My growing collection
  • Memorial Day and The Not So Lazy River
  • Father’s Day with The Rusty Pickle

Here’s to finding my voice again.

1 thought on “Drafts I can’t seem to finish”

  • Dude, were in the same boat. I’m almost annoyed with myself because I just can’t get the words together and get em out.

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