About a Blogger Who Remembered How to Laugh

About a Blogger Who Remembered How to Laugh

Memorial Day Upgrade: Daytona’s Finest!

OMG the drafts are almost all done!

When I think of an amazing beach vacation with high end resorts, gorgeous pools and beaches, and an amazing atmosphere, Daytona Beach FL is probably the last place that comes to mind.

At least it WAS the last place to come to mind. Memorial Day weekend this year totally changed my perspective on Daytona. Progress has been made, boardwalks have been updated, crime has been lessened, and an amazing time was had!

But an epic Daytona-experience did not just land in mine and Vince’s laps. There were several critical tasks executed to ensure this completely unexpected and wonderful outcome.

1. We took amazing friends.

Ashley and NIck randomly decided to join us!
Ashley and Nick randomly decided to join us!

Vince and I went to New Symrna Beach last year, just the two of us. This year we thought “maybe another couple we know will have the weekend off and want to split a bigger, AirBandB place with us?” Randomly, Vince texted Nick on the off-chance they would be interested and he got back a resounding “YES!”

This is the first time we’ve vacationed with these two so I didn’t know what to expect, but it turns out Nick and Ashley are just as good at laying out by a pool for hours, ordering drinks, taking naps, and laughing at random bullshit as me and Vince are! YAY!

2. We scored an *awesome* hotel.

From Expedia: The Daytona Beach Wyndham Ocean Walk Pool

At first we were all like “let’s grab a house or condo from AirB&B in NSB. Then we were like “let’s just get a hotel in NSB.” Then we were like “goddamnit it’s Memorial Day weekend and everything is booked where the eff can we GO!??!” And with a week to spare, Vince found a two bedroom condo on the 18th floor at the Ocean Walk in Daytona Beach with a full kitchen, living room, wrap around balcony, washer/dryer, dining room, and access to THAT amazing pool with a lazy river.

#realtalk: That lazy river was not lazy. It was full of children that Nick and I either wanted to murder, or save from drowning. The few truly lazy trips we got to experience were awesome, but do not enter this river if you have issues with aggression. You might end up killing a tween. 

Such an amazing score that I think we already booked it for next year’s Memorial Day weekend.

3. We brought hoops and Blue Aprons.

Hot dogs and hula hoops
Hot dogs and hula hoops

I *love* hooping on the beach and have taken my hoops on every trip I’ve gone on since I started hooping, but this trip was over the top even for me. I had some of my most epic flow sessions Memorial Day by the pool. I even took over the main amphitheater space in Dayton on Sunday night when it was empty and dark and THREW THE EFF DOWN. (So bitter Vince didn’t get one lick of video). Again, Ashley and Nick came through and let me hoop to my hearts content.

It was also oddly fortuitous that I forgot to cancel that week’s Blue Apron drop so we had to bring two meals with us to cook. It turns out cooking two completely different Blue Apron meals in the same kitchen at the same time is totally do-able, and in fact quite nom!!

4. We did a whoooooole lotta nothin’.

Second night. First movie. Mad Max!!
Second night. First movie. Mad Max!!

You know how many times I’ve seen in-theater movies two nights in a row? Umm… officially once and it was Memorial Day weekend. Friday night when Nick and Ashley arrived we immediate broke out wine and cloves and stayed up til 3am chatting. Then Saturday we saw Mad Max after making dinner and Sunday we saw Avengers Age of Ultron after grabbing sushi.

It helped that the Daytona Beach Ocean Walk theater was a) connected to our hotel and b) sporting these PIMP reclining seats. They made some pretty hilarious noises as you pushed the button to slowwwwwly extend the recliner,… but our 12-year-old-humor aside, this was awesome.

5. We got an extra full day/night and were close enough to home to enjoy it.

Taken on our last day, Memorial Day 2015

Other Memorial Day weekends were great because we get a full Saturday and Sunday at the beach. This year we got a full Saturday, Sunday, AND Monday because the awesome chick we rented from threw in Monday night for free. Since we live about 55 minutes from Daytona, we had a full day at the pool Monday and didn’t even leave our hotel until around 7:30pm. This extra, bonus day/night was so incredibly clutch – it really helped us get that vacation-feeling, and the drive home was short enough to keep it from wearing off.

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