About a Blogger Who Remembered How to Laugh

About a Blogger Who Remembered How to Laugh

Stepping up my “Crazy Cat Lady” game

Everyone knows we are the proud parents of a 3-legged kitteh.

Everyone is aware of how the kitteh lost her back left leg.

I’m pretty sure everyone is more than aware of how grateful Vince and I are to have our sweet Lexikins with us three years later and that, at 17 years old, she is one seriously amazing creature.

Quite frankly, we spoil this cat rotten.  Since “the leg” she gets, well, anything she wants, whenever she wants. Treats, human food, scratches, lifts to wherever she wants to sit but can’t quite get, rides around the neighborhood with the windows down and her little nose out of the window, you name it.

The one thing she CANNOT have, however, is outside time.

This is particularly frustrating for Lexi since the first 12 years of her life were spent as an in-door/outdoor kitteh. She was a badass and ruled whichever neighborhood she lived in. (I personally watched her take on a cat three times her size, and win, in our last neighborhood.)

Lexi in college at UF.
Lexi in college at UF.

But now not only do we live on a pretty busy road, but she is down an ENTIRE leg. There’s no way we can let her outside, no matter how much she begs, pleads, meows, screams, or straight up tries to escape.

And since we’re super considerate of her needs and want to make sure her little life isn’t boring whilst stuck in the confines of our 2600 sq. ft. house day-in and day-out, we maaaybe kinda sorta got a cat stroller.

A pink cat stroller!!
A pink cat stroller!!

Yup. A pink cat stroller. It was $60 on Amazon and it was worth EVERY. FREAKIN’. PENNY.

She LOVES it. Like, loves loves. When we put her in for a ride she basically sits straight up like the freakin’ pope and looks all around. She does her little happy mews. She is just totally engaged and engrossed with the scenery.  Vince and I are pretty much hysterically laughing the entire walk because how can you not laugh at yourself while pushing a 3-legged cat down the sidewalk?

And the neighbors who come to see what’s in the stroller are fun for her to engage with as well! It turns out the lady a few houses down gives her cat insulin twice a day and didn’t think a 3-legged cat out for a stroller ride was all that ridiculous.

Lexi even loves her stroller when she’s NOT going for a ride. We’ve caught her napping in it several times now, parked in the living room. Kinda ridiculous actually.

Sadly we haven’t had a chance to take her down to Lake Eola for brunch but it’s only a matter of time, trust me.  But next weekend Lexi and her stroller will join us on vacation to Vero Beach with her and Vince’s old roommate from college who now lives in Dubai.

So if I wasn’t a crazy cat lady before, I most assuredly am NOW.  But hey, at least I own it, right? 🙂

4 thoughts on “Stepping up my “Crazy Cat Lady” game”

  • pffft it’s 2600 if you count the space we cannot use because Vince has crammed it full of electronics, speakers, DJ equipment, records, and other assorted crap I don’t understand.

    And yup – 17 years young. My little battle ax. We better get 20 years out of her after putting out $3k for that leg.

  • I should totally be keeping my nose to the grindstone but I can’t help meself… I love catching up on all your draft posts. I miiiiiiiiss you! I miss Vince and Lexi-kins and I miss Florida beach vacations!!! waaaaahhhh!!!!

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