What’s in a name?

There are many things my mom got wrong with me, many that were nothing more than the result of her own troubled childhood, but one thing my Dad and I always thought she got right: my name. I really love being an Alicia. I also love being an Ali. I love that it’s an A… Read More What’s in a name?


Happy Everything 2015

I feel like there’s some unofficial rule that once you get married you have to send out legit, snailmail-style holiday cards.  I also feel like that’s a rule because once you go through the immense trouble of getting the mailing address of literally EVERYONE you know, you want to use those mailing addresses more than… Read More Happy Everything 2015


A Selfish Inventory

This one is in the “personal growth” category, aka the “I just gotta write this shit out sometimes” category, otherwise known as “putting the heart and soul back in my blog” category.  i.e. No one needs to read this, but I need to write it. Lately my sessions with my therapist have started with me… Read More A Selfish Inventory