About a Blogger Who Remembered How to Laugh

About a Blogger Who Remembered How to Laugh

Happy Everything 2015

I feel like there’s some unofficial rule that once you get married you have to send out legit, snailmail-style holiday cards.  I also feel like that’s a rule because once you go through the immense trouble of getting the mailing address of literally EVERYONE you know, you want to use those mailing addresses more than once.

So here we are, third Christmas season since our marriage, and our second official holiday card.

Because I’ve got physical mailing addresses and I’m not afraid to use them damnit!

This time last year I was sending out my Daddy’s Memorial Service cards to let family know where and when he had been interred. That sucked. It was depressing as hell and not how I envisioned using the addresses of all the family that he made me invite to our wedding.

So this year I wanted to go a little goofy but still acknowledge how far we had to come in the last (almost) two years.

To accomplish these two very disparate goals I started with a Christmas tree, a new tree skirt, lights, garland, and Lexi, because the tripod LOVES Christmas decor.

As soon as the tree and skirt came out she was in the front room, laying down, awaiting her photo shoot. She was totally down when I started throwing garland and lights on top of her and all around.

She looks bitter because of her slashy face pattern, but she's really blissing out.
She looks bitter because of her slashy face pattern, but she’s really blissing the fuck out right here.
She sat so still for this.
She sat so still for this.

Seriously, Lexi loves Christmas more than anyone else in the house.

So she went on the front of the card in all her awesome, garland covered three-legged-kitty-ness with Jersey meatloafing in the background.

The front:

The front, featuring BOTH kitties this year!
The front, featuring BOTH kitties this year!


As for the back, we went a little more serious and acknowledged that it’s been a rough couple of years but we value the unconditional love and support of our friends and family.

The photo was my favorite part. When we were in North Carolina I wanted to get a cute photo of us on a mountain overlook. I must have made Vince pull over on five different overlooks to find the perfect view and when we found it all I had for a camera was my iPad.

Do you know how hard it is to take a timed photo on a device that doesn’t make a sound to let you know it took a photo? A device that doesn’t have a visible shutter to watch opening and closing?

We set the timer for 10 seconds and stood there for like a minute. Long enough for someone to come over and ask if we wanted them to take our photo and we were like “NOPE! We HAD to have gotten it! kthanksbai!”

(we ended up with 7 copies of the exact same frozen pose, btw. yay iPad timer)

Only after taking it did I realize how symbolic it is with this message; it’s a great visualization of us having made it to the top, with clear skies, together, after a very long climb up.

So here’s the back:
Screen shot 2015-12-17 at 7.03.33 PM

So happy EVERYTHING. Happy 2015. Here’s to hoping next year’s cards just has Lexi on both sides. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Happy Everything 2015”

  • Your Pants has the best little face! I saw the double-chin post on FB yesterday(?). Love the perpetual look of “what now, human?” 🙂

  • Thank you for including us on your Happy Everything list. I’ve been horrible about sending out cards over the past few (lots of) years … time just gets away from me. Hopefully I can get my shit together by next year.

  • Of COURSE! You two are at the top of that list after all your support and love the last nearly-two-years. I wouldn’t have made it back to the top if I didn’t have friends like you. We love you guys and cannot wait to ring in the new year together!

  • I love the Christmas card!!!I’m keeping it up in the living room forever! I wish I was that organized with my snailmail addresses. Maybe next year.

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