About a Blogger Who Remembered How to Laugh

About a Blogger Who Remembered How to Laugh

Jamcruise 14 – The Muuuuusic!

Vince and I are officially halfway toward earning an $8,000 robe and becoming Repeat Offenders on the jam-band-iest festival in the sea!

That’s right.  We just got back from our second annual JAMCRUISE and we are already pre-booked for our third!

My mission this Jamcruise was to take one (mostly decent) photo of every set I saw to properly document my musical journey around the ship.

I am happy to report I accomplished my goal!

I am sad to report there are no apps that can fit, specifically in chronological order, more than 15 photos. Boo.

Anywhere – here are some of my favs in absolutely no order:

See ALL the bands!
See ALL the bands!

Other than taking blurry photos I basically danced, hooped, moved, and shook my ass off. I broke 118k steps in 7 days on my FitBit which is easily the highest week I’ve ever had.

Because that’s what Jamcruise is all about, right? Music (and dancing to it). Or if you’re writing a blog while listening to Top Gear in the background, <Jeremy Clarkson>muuuuuusic</Jeremy Clarkson>

In order, my set list included:

  1. Dumpstaphunk on the pool deck – I couldn’t hoop because the crowd was so thick, but fellow JC’ers behind me wanted a pic of the band playing through my hoop as we left Miami and I love them for it.
  2. Trombone Shorty on the pool deck – That guy has a new lifelong fan in ME.
  3. The Werks in the Jam Room
  4. Stanton Moore Trio in the atrium.
  5. Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe in the theater – Absolutely amazing set. I love KD and how he works those woodwinds! 
  6. JJ Grey and Mofro on the pool deck – I was drunk and this set was fucking awesome. 
  7. Lettuce on the pool deck
  8. Con Brio on the pool deck
  9. Roe Russo’s Almost Dead in the theater (JRAD!) – The video I have of Alicia hooping during JRAD that does *not* suck.
  10. Galactic on the pool deck
  11. Zack Deputy in the atrium – The best atrium set all week. 
  12. The Floozies on the Brews at Sea stage – Everything I hoped for and then some. Those guys have too much fun doing what they do. 
  13. Lotus in the theater – On Video Game theme night, they played the Legend of Zelda songs in their track list. I think parts of my brain are still in that theater. 
  14. The Infamous Stringdusters on the pool deck
  15. Dr. John and the Night Trippers on the pool deck – jesus christ this guy is old. 🙁
  16. SoulLive in the theater – Such good funk I could not stop my body from moving.
  17. Lettuce in the theater – #3 set of the week and one of their most epic performances of all time.
  18. Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe on the pool deck
  19. Nicki Bluhm in the Jam Room
  20. Keller Williams on the pool deck – I met his bassist who was a really serious but nice guy.
  21. Tauk on the Brews at Sea stage – The most energetic jam session on the whole damn boat and the drummer is my Jamcruise boyfriend. (not kidding)
  22. Bernard “Pretty” Purdie host an epic jazz lounge – So much jazz flute by KD, my face melted.
  23. Lotus on the pool deck
  24. ALO on the pool deck
  25. Roosevelt Collier Super Jam on the pool deck – #2 set of the week IMO. I think everyone on the boat sat in for this super jam. 
  26. JJ Grey and Mofro in the theater
  27. Fearless by Electron – Pink Floyd tribute on the pool deck WITH LAZERS – #1 set of the week. So good I LITERALLY wept. I feel like my soul got reset and closing with Comfortably Numb was just perfection.

I have a weird relationship with Jambands in that I love them live or for party music but I don’t really love them in my car while driving. At 27 sets deep, Jamcruise was like an overdose of the live and party love – an overdose I am totally okay with but an overdose nonetheless.

Besides the friends who went on JC with me, I don’t really know how my peeps feel about jambands.  Do you even recognize the names of the bands listed above? Have any of their albums? Seen any of them live? (Alicia’s mom loves Dr. John and the Night Trippers….so there’s that). 🙂

4 thoughts on “Jamcruise 14 – The Muuuuusic!”

  • I’ve never heard of any of these bands. I think I would agree with you that they are probably tons of fun live but perhaps not as compelling on the subway in my earbuds.

  • Yes there is a band named Lettuce and they are bad. ass. The drummer teams up with Break Science and Pretty Lights very frequently, and on April 1st Lettuce will team up with Griz. Not sure if you’ve heard of any of those folks, but they are a bit more mainstream, albeit more electronic.

    Overall I’m really liking where this “future funk” genre is going. It’s like electronic and jazz and funk… and it makes me wanna shake my ass!

  • Yeah I wrote this, then I downloaded a few of the sets from the boat and have been listening to them on the way to work with seriously epic FEELS. The Pink Floyd set… I swear it was like someone hooked a defibrillator up to my soul and gave it a two hour jolt back to life.

    You might like Lotus… give them a shot and see what you think. They’re chill.

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