About a Blogger Who Remembered How to Laugh

About a Blogger Who Remembered How to Laugh

Jamcruise 14 – The People & The Moments

Ask anyone why they love JamCruise and after the music, they will all agree it’s about the people. I think this would be the same for any festival but the Jamily-love is on a whole ‘nother level for JC.

*Note: I hate the word “Jamily.” But it really works in this instance.

I think this kind of starts with JC being pretty expensive. The expense means the people who attend are dedicated and, 9 times out of 10, professional. And since money and profession usually come with age, I’d say the average age onboard JC is 40-45.

In other words, this is not a fist-bumping rachet-cruise full of 22yr old’s on spring break. imokaywiththis.jpg.

I noticed it last year but, looking back, so much of my time on JC13 was spent in a post-grief-fog.  This year I felt like I was my old, social-butterfly-self.

For example, I met these people after coming out of the merch-room with my new hat and spent the next hour and a half chatting with them, by myself, while 15 close friends roamed the boat and had no idea where I was or how to find me.

Greg and Jenny, my new best friends.
Greg and Jenny, my new best friends.

I must have run into Greg and Jenny 10 more times after spending an hour with them on Day 2 of JC14. The casino, that same bar, the pool… once we made friends we saw each other everywhere.

It also turned out the merch guy who sold me that amazing, blinged out, Grassroots hat was a friend of friends. After chatting with him for 15 minutes at the back pool I finally realized who he was and promptly took credit for selling at least 10 more of those hats for him.

Jen got that hat too. Because it's awesome.
Jen got that hat too. Because it’s awesome.

The truth is, once you’re on that boat you are officially surrounded by 3,000 of your new best friends.

Everyone – and I am not exaggerating here – everyone smiles at you in the hall, people let you hop in and out of lines, they will watch your stuff, they will buy you drinks and no matter who is playing, they will let you have a spot next to them to dance.


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