About a Blogger Who Remembered How to Laugh

About a Blogger Who Remembered How to Laugh


I started 2016 all like “resolutions? meh.” I’m in a good spot. I don’t need any resolutions for 2016.

But it looks like 2016 had some resolutions for me because shit is a-changin’!! In a good way!

(No, I am not having a mid-life crisis)

First: Tattoo Number Two

SO happy that I got this tattoo. I love it. I love what it is and where it is and while I had planned on getting it this year, I didn’t get it exactly when planned. Yay 2016 for making it happen!

Dat tat doe!
Dat tat doe!

Second: Haaaaair!ย 

After two years of growing it out, I lopped off 5 to 6 inches and kept the bangs. I’ve had pretty much every cut, color, and style (except a pixicut, no thanx) but this is the first time I have rocked a bob with bangs. It’s extreme but I like it!

*Note: T-Swift had this haircut at the grammy’s and the internet hated on her for it. They said she looked like Anna Wintor – the editor of Vogue. Joke’s on the internet though – Anna Wintor is the shit and I’ve secretly envied her extreme cut for years now.

Before and after.
Before and after.


Last Wednesday I went into status with my boss and got about 45min in when he said “well let’s wrap up because I have something important to tell you.” I got nervous because earlier that morning he scheduled an untitled all-hands meeting with his team… with no agenda… after just getting back from a long vay-cay. I was like “if this MF’er is leaving I will DIE!”

And then he was all like “I want to give you another reason to celebrate on Monday besides your birthday, by giving you a promotion.”

And I was all like “SHUT UPPPPPPPPPPP!”

Turns out the untitled all-hands meeting was to tell our team about my promotion. WHAAAAT!!!!

And my face still hurts from smiling, like 4 days later. This is a HUGE deal considering enterprise teams are a dying breed…

I *finally* got my cube perfectly set-up, and now I have to move to a bigger cube-office. #firstworldproblems
I *finally* got my cube perfectly set-up, and now I have to move to a bigger cube-office.ย #likeaboss.

Fourth: I’m getting thinnnnnnn again!

See yesterday’s post. It’s happening and I am ecstatic.

Fifth: I’m going to a festival without Vince, but WITH Cody!

We missed Aura and Okeechoee in the first weekend of March, but the first weekend of April – to celebrate my birfday for realz – Cody and I are heading to St. Augustine for Lettuce, Griz, and Break Science in the first Fool’s Paradise festival. Considering Cody has never been to any type of festival and I’ve never done one without Vince, this is a big ol’ change.

(Vince will be doing the curvey-crazy-stupid road in North Carolina again. I’m okay w/ us being in separate places though I will be stressed the fuck out about his driving that damn road.)

Sixth: I turned my Birthday Tag Tax into New License Plate Fun!

You know how every year or two you get hit with the “happy birthday now give the state your money?”

This was the year for that and I decided to swap out my plate for Florida’s Endless Summer tag, and I heart it big time. My dad had the same plate. In fact, every plate he ever had went to support some aspect of Florida’s ecosystem. Sea turtles, manatee’s, the Challenger tag, and Endless Summer.

So Belle the Blue Juke is rockin’ one too and I love it!



Seventh: I’m officially 34 as of TODAY.

I mentioned earlier that I’m not having a mid-life crisis and I am NOT. I feel like I am finally becoming the person I have always wanted to be. Like I’m shedding all my insecurities and worries and doubts and give-a-fuck-of-what-others-think-about-me and just being me.

Is it any surprise that no one could put it better than David Bowie?
Is it any surprise that no one could put it better than David Bowie?


5 thoughts on “Cha-Cha-Chaaaangeeesss!”

  • Happy Birthday! It’s too early for a midlife crisis anyway. That came for me at 38. Then somewhere around 39.5, I DGAF anymore. Bring on 40!

    I love that you grow your hair really long and chop it. I do the same thing. Why not? It grows and change is fun. Lots of people don’t have the balls to do that. So, nice set you got there. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Oh, and congrats on the promotion!

  • Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yeah hair grows back, man. When you cut it off do people every say to you “You’re so brave?” Because I’m having a hard time not responding with “I went to the stylist in Winter Park… not Iraq….”

  • I wish my hair grew thick and fast like yours!! I love the cut, love the new tattoo, and am ecstatic about your promotion!!

  • Thank you!!! My hair went through a rough time end of 2014. After Mia got settled and about 6 months after the main-stressful-events went down, it kinda.. all fell out. I’m happy it’s back to where it was because it was scary for a minute there.

    Promotion rocks dude. I am SO happy. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

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