About a Blogger Who Remembered How to Laugh

About a Blogger Who Remembered How to Laugh

I made a new kitchen eating area place!

In early 2015, after our first Jam Cruise, I redecorated our living room and we fell in love with our house all over again.

In August 2015 I decorated our back porch (no ‘re’ because I never did anything to it to begin with) and we fell in love with our house all. over. again.

And last Sunday I saw a picture of a dining room on Joss and Main’s website that put a bug up my ass to decorate (notice the lack of ‘re’) our eat-in kitchen area. This week I pulled it off, and we love our house even moooooarrrrrr!!!


First of all, you would think by this point that I would remember to take “before” photos. I did not. I am apparently not very bright.

But thankfully my “after” photos of the living room last year include some shots of the kitchen area that I can use.  Check ’em out.

This space was dead, man.

Ugh. So ugh.
Ugh. So ugh.
  • We never sat at that table – the table that was inherited from someone years ago.
  • Because my office was turned into my closet, I ended up using the kitchen table as a desk and it accumulated way, way too much paperwork.
  • The kitty’s food was kept underneath the table so the corner area was pretty much off limits.
  • The only good thing over there is also the only (I say this tongue-in-cheek, babe) nice thing Vince came with – that awesome hanging wine rack. Love that thing.


At this point you may be wondering to yourself “do you have a formal dining room of some sort or is the little eat-in-kitchen-area all you’ve got?” And that is a fair question.

We DO have a formal dining room right off of the foyer, but when we realized how little we went to a legit table – my Grandmother’s, an antique and quite lovely – I decided to let Vince have the space for his turn tables. So our dining room is full of DJ equipment, records, speakers, and God knows what else.

So my little kitchen space got an upgrade to be both little and formal. Check it out!

And After!

My little space, all grown up!
My little space, all grown up!

The Deets:

Blinds/Curtains: I picked up the blinds from Ikea this week – they were only moderately obnoxious to assemble but that may be because Vince is so good at hanging things. They’re the kind that slide on a track and I really, really love them. It was challenging to think of window treatments that wouldn’t clash with the drapes I have over our giant sliding glass door, and these worked out perfect. I also dig how much natural light they let in.

Table: We acknowledged that a 4-top will not work in that space. So after letting go of my dream table – a big, rough, farm table with benches from Adjectives Marketplace – I picked up this 2-top from Ikea. It’s surprisingly sturdy and well built. And it was basically free because I exchanged some lights Vince never installed, so score!

Chairs and Rug: I pulled those in from my front room literally 1 week after listing the chairs on Craigslist because they just didn’t fit their former space quite right. But the chairs are perfect in here, and though the rug is a little on the large side for the space, we are *really* digging the coverage. So it stays!

Mirror and Placemats: Thank you, Old Time Pottery. Super cheap items thanks to the OTP and definitely take the space up a notch.

Stuff that stuck around: The drumheads – the larger of which was signed by every artist on Jam Cruise 13, the smaller one is from Booty Band. And the salt lamp which was a gift from Joey that we truly love. Lighting makes all the difference in the world, man.

Stuff that’s left to do:

  • New chandelier. I wanted to post this now because I am going to take my time finding the right, cool, awesome, drippy, chrystal-y, ridiculous chandelier.
  • Re-hang/locate the awesome-Vince-wine rack in the little nook leading to our bedroom, right next to this space. Don’t want to lose that thing.
  • Redecorate the front room because it’s seriously bare now. But work has already started… and I’m thinking it will be bohemian-chic, color pallet courtesy of the quilt Grace made me…. stay tuned!

So for future-Ali who forgot to take a ‘before photo’ of the next thing that changes, here ya go:

Taaa daaaaa
Taaa daaaaa

7 thoughts on “I made a new kitchen eating area place!”

  • Love that window covering!

    I have found some gems at OTP but I was sure that mirror came from Ikea. That was a nice find.

    I’ve wanted to redecorate our gym FOREVER but I have no inspiration. Plus, the gym stuff needs to stay in there so it’s not like I have a ton of options.

  • Dude did you see OTP commented on this post? On a SUNDAY? That was bizarre and awesome. There are at least two OTP’s in Orlando and while the one on John Young is more organized/nicer inside, I feel like there are better finds at the one in Casselberry. Not gunna lie – I scoped ’em both out for this mirror and I kinda had that giant one from Ikea in mind when I picked this one out. 🙂

    I have no idea how to redecorate a gym but I feel like there has to be a way. Pinterest surely has ideas.

  • The drum heads!!! They are super special to us. 🙂 I’m so glad they go with the circles on the window treatments and the flowers on the chairs! It alllll came together!

  • I wish you would redecorate my apartment. You were always the one to suggest a total furniture flip or new window display. I’m way slower about this sort of change. I just started a redo of my sewing room last week (half finished, waiting on the ikea delivery this weekend) and it is literally the first re-dec I’ve done since Aaron moved in.

  • I daydream about redecorating your apartment. Not kidding AT ALL. That shelf in the living room just begs for love. BEGS!!!!

    How’s the sew-room coming along? Will it eventually get converted to a nursery? I worry about the space….

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