About a Blogger Who Remembered How to Laugh

About a Blogger Who Remembered How to Laugh

After and Before


So Memorial Day weekend gave me MORE than enough opportunities to get the “after” shots I’ve needed and everyone else has wanted. But I got ’em!

The hard part was finding “before” photos. I am *really* good at deleting bad photos of myself and saving the photos that show me from the side, slightly covered, or somewhat concealed.

Even harder was getting those photos into a grid that made sense (thank you, photogrid on my phone) and then onto my laptop (thanks, Google Drive) and then to my blog in a format that would upload (thanks, screenshot of the photogrid I made on my phone, uploaded to Google Drive, and opened in Photo Editor).

So without further ado I present to you: Awesome and Horrible Photos of Ali – 25lbs less, and with filters!

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 8.51.02 PM


On the top: We have me Memorial Day weekend 2016 hooping on the top left and top center in the same Large black bikini bottoms I was wearing Father’s Day 2015.  I was as low as 121lbs, but averaging 124.  This is after a fierce 13 week diet and 3 weeks of light cardio.

On the bottom:  Bottom-left was Father’s Day 2015 in those lovely, Large black bottoms.  Bottom-center was Jam Cruise THIS YEAR – January 2016 – and I had been living at the gym for most of October, November, and December.  Bottom-right is me in 2012, Jamaica Trip #3, leaning against our balcony railing. I know there’s a sarong concealing a lot of hip there but I think you get the picture. On average, I was 140 – 148lbs in these photos. These were after my best attempts at eating healthy and hitting the gym for insane cardio. I know it’s hard to believe, but I actually thought I was in good shape on the bottom left.

Not gunna lie… I splurged over the holiday weekend. I am almost positive that I broke out of Keto and I saw 125.6 on the scale this morning. I need to hit the gym this week and dial back the carbs hardcore to undo any damage I may have done this weekend by indulging (in mostly flavored vodka….).

Don’t get me wrong, I know I will put a few pounds back on as I reintroduce carbs to my diet, but god help me if I ever look like Ali-on-the-bottom again. 🙁

So that’s that! Hope this was as good for you as it was for me.

And yes I will be referencing this grid in the future when I feel like giving in to the urge for an entire red velvet cake.

6 thoughts on “After and Before”

  • LOL it’s true. I have key lime whipped vodka and vanilla vodka on the counter right now. A splash of the cran and lime la croix, and it’s ON.

    Probably a ‘duh’ but I’m also super light weight with drinking now. Cheapest drinking weekend I have had in YEARS. Many, many years.

  • Niiiice. I’ve been waiting my whole life to be a cheap date. haha I like to drink whipped vodka with diet orange soda – it’s like a freakin’ creamsicle.

    Ok, I decided that now I need a post on how you did social stuff while on your diet, aka, eating out, going out with friends, etc.

  • Okay eating out with friends… yeah I won’t lie, my social life has come to a big, screeching halt since this diet. But when I do go out, I take a water into beer-bars, I drink vodka/water/soda with lime at a bar-bar, and at restaurants I just order as healthy as possible – protein and veggies, no butter or sauces if it can be helped.

    When we went to Fool’s Paradise I danced SO much (like 25k steps both nights) that I had to eat whatever i could get my hands on, which happened to be shrimp tacos and lime coleslaw. I also had a sweet tea with real sugar because I could feel myself crashing and getting tunnel vision. That was scary.

    Otherwise, I am cooking a LOT. We cooked most of the time in Daytona and it was fine. Drinking is hard though, and plain vodka with soda and lime is boring. So… yeah I cheat there.

    Also – Pinot Gregio has SUPER low carbs/cals/sugars… at least according to FitBit.

  • Congrats honey, you look amazing!!! Especially that stomach!! I wanna hear more about ideal protein. Would you recommend it to others? There is a center literally on my way to the subway, just sayin.

  • I would totally recommend IP to others with a few caveats.
    1) You have to check-in weekly (or bi-weekly) with your coach and get measured, weighed, and have BMI taken. I have coworkers who don’t do the weekly check-ins because they go to different centers and I just don’t see them being as successful as I have been. My coach is amazing, totally dedicated to my success, and always available should I need her. The support of a good coach should not be underestimated, nor should the consistent, weekly tracking of how your body is responding.
    2) You have to be dedicated and ready to commit to the diet. First because it’s pricey, second because it won’t work if you don’t go all in, third because it is hard at first and mental fortitude is the only way you’ll get over the initial hump. I was very strict and followed the rules to the letter, and it worked very, very well. Yes you can still go out to eat and have a cocktail or two on occasion, but try to stick as close to the protocol as possible.
    3) Prepare for a forever change with how you eat. I drive by places where I genuinely believed I was ordering well and am appalled at what I was actually eating… I remember splurges that I thought wouldn’t impact me too badly if I just hit the gym soon-after, and now that I know what I was putting in my body I feel like an idiot… the most valuable thing I gained from this diet wasn’t weight loss – it was knowledge. I am so much smarter about what I’m putting into my body now, it’s insane.
    4) Hormones will be impacted. No joke. I have had nearly zero acne or my usual “side effects” but I’ve also had longer times between cycles. It’s been nuts. My coach warned me that hormones can get whacky but I didn’t expect them to be this whacky.
    5) You have NO idea how much of your boobs are just fat. Your mind will be blown. Prepare thyself.

    Other than that – I would recommend it absolutely. I think most people go on this diet to lose 50+ pounds and it’s rare someone goes in to lose 20-30. People like me are already considered “thin” because we’re not obese. But not being obese does not mean you’re not overweight. I was overweight, plain and simple. Now I’m not. And it’s fucking amazing.

    LMK if you have any other questions. I am always a mere phone call away! :*

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