About a Blogger Who Remembered How to Laugh

About a Blogger Who Remembered How to Laugh

Well… August has been certainly been interesting

It’s the 13th and I already have a list of how cray August 2016 has been for me. Let’s go in order, shall we?

    1. I got an amazing review for FY16 and found out I was nominated for the the Individual version of my company’s most elite award.   The Individual Contributor Award is a *huge* honor. Hundreds of people get nominated and only a handful will actually win. Last year I won the award as part of a larger team – one of four large teams. This year I’m nominated for my solo work. Last year I bought an Elizabeth and James dress that cost an ungodly sum. This year… I don’t even know, man.
    2. I fell in my kitchen at 10pm on Friday (same night as the review, btw) and both of my front teeth snapped off.   This was pretty much my worst nightmare – ever – and the only reason I can even discuss this now is because 2 weeks later my teeth look better than they looked before the fall. For proof, here’s a photo of me and Pants taken about 4 hours after my permanent crown was installed, my brightening treatment was complete, and the novacain wore off. If you want the details, ask. But otherwise I’m not going into detail about this now, or ever.

      Look at those pearly whites!
      Look at those brand new, $10,000.00 pearly whites!
    3. I swung by the Hillary rally in Kissimmee because a) it was close to work and was easy for me to kill my commute time, b) I had nothing better to do (again, that damn commute time), and c) I’ve seen the POTUS and FLOTUS speak so I figured it would be nice to add a potential future POTUS and former FLOTUS to my list.   Though a series of pretty bizarre events, I ended up scoring a spot in the crowd directly behind Hildawg and the podium. Which also means I was photographed by a shit ton of professional photogs and the next day my coworkers saw me on TMZ because the father of the Pulse shooter was also in the crowd.
      The only reason I didn't get a selfie with Hildawg is because I didn't get my phone to her.
      The only reason I didn’t get a selfie with Hildawg is because I didn’t get my phone to her.
      Not. zoomed. in.
      Not. zoomed. in.
      I had pretty much the best Pants Suit view ever.
      I had pretty much the best Pants Suit view ever.


    4. I found out I won the Individual Contributor Award discussed in #1. Annnd my boss told me via a slide in a deck covered in cat memes, a deck that we’ve been working on for months… as I was walking to another meeting.  I cried. I started shaking.  I basically lost my shit and I couldn’t (and still can’t) tell anyone at work until the official announcement!!! And yeah I’ve already got like three dress options.
    5. I saw Slightly Stoopid and SOJA in Cocoa Beach (four hours after getting my teeth fixed!) with Lauren and it was awwwweeeessooooommmmmeeeee!!  Pants turned out to be a natural live-music-concert-fit with me. We were totally in synch about moving up close, moving to the side, stepping back for air, getting a drink, and deciding to bounce. Rare is the friend who is always on the same page as you at a live music event. Don’t take those friends for granted, people.   The venue itself was awesome – spacious, plenty of room to dance, plenty of room to step back and enjoy the riverfront area with lots of seating, and tucked away in the adorable little downtown Cocoa Beach area.As for the music, it was great. SOJA was awesome, as always, and I think this is the 3rd time I’ve seen them be awesome. Slightly Stoopid was freakin’ great and sadly this is the first time I’ve seen them live despite literally trying 3 times before. But the best part for me? Karl Denson, my major older brown man who can play every woodwind ever created Jamcruise crush, is an unofficial member of Slightly Stoopid and was playing sax on stage.The result was that i took way more photos than I usually let myself take at a live music event. But… KD!!!

      Also, Pants found an amazing little spot to eat in Cocoa where I stuffed my hurting-face and bought a Rick Pipers picture for my art-wall. 🙂

      The Riverfront Park music venue in Cocoa was pretty awesome!!
      The Riverfront Park music venue in Cocoa was pretty awesome!!
My KD on the sax!!!
My KD on the sax!!!

So yeah. August has been pretty insane but the good news is I’ve survived! I’ve survived and am actually even better for it all. I’m stronger, I’m wiser, I’m more confident. And I’m ready for whatever the rest of August holds! 🙂

8 thoughts on “Well… August has been certainly been interesting”

  • Congrats on all the awesome work stuff!

    My brother saw SS and SOJA in Boulder last week and was snapping it like crazy. Looked like a fun show!

    So, when you say your teeth “snapped off” – do you mean you already had crowns that snapped off and they just needed to be replaced? Or did your real teeth snap off because holy shiz.

    I want to get veneers for my two side teeth because I don’t like how they are much smaller than my front two teeth. Maybe in a year when I “want” to spend 2k.

  • Yeah I mean my very real, perfect front teeth snapped in half. The left front had a major chip and my dentist rebuilt it with composite filling. My right front broke so high that u had to have an emergency root canal and got a temporary crown, with my final crown going on Friday morning. The worst dental work I’ve had done before this was a few fillings so yeah, worst nightmare ever. Ever. But my smile is great now!!

    I would totally get veneers now that I’ve gone through this. I had my teeth whitened with the final crown and they still look dingy to me, so I might do veneers and major whitening in the distant, distant future…. When I’m not still crying myself to sleep over the cost of these.

    Thanks for the job congrats too!! Since I highly doubt I can top last year, I will be going ALL out this year. Gunna be fun!!!

  • Oh man. Awful. I feel for ya. I had to get an implant this year because one of my teeth cracked in half all the way up to the root. That was 5k that I’m still paying (and insurance covers zero). I don’t even have the tooth in yet because it takes 4 months for the pulled tooth/bone graft to heal and then another 4 months for the implant to heal. Then I get the tooth. In the meantime, no tooth. And I have to chew on my right side only which is MADDENING.

    However, just like you…I went to a concert directly after getting the work done. Pain killers and Gwen Stefani really helped out that situation.

    Advice from my ordeal: never have a tooth pulled with just novocaine. NEVER.

  • Duuuude I was like, 5 centimeters from needing an implant. We feared I had cracked up to the root and thank god x-rays and the root canal confirmed I hadn’t. The novocaine thing… did you have the option to get sedated? I chose sedation for the root canal and though insurance didn’t cover that either, it was worth every penny. I’m hoping they gave you some sweet post-op pain killers and that got you through Gwen in a good way. I was pretty sore for SOJA but… YOLO. 😉

    Thanks for sharing though. For what it’s worth, it’s nice to know I’m not the only one going through crazy dental drama right now and that I’m not alone in insurance not helping. That is the worst.

  • Yeah, sedation was an option but I had my wisdom teeth out w/ just novocaine and I was fine, so I chose that so I could drive myself home. Apparently, it’s easier when you’re younger. Dentist told me that after the fact. Well, I KNOW NOW! I was shaking the whole time and involuntary tears were streaming down my face. He had to give me gas in the middle of the procedure. The gas stopped the tears but not much else. From now on, knock me TFO!

  • OMG. I just got light headed and had to go away for a minute. I think I would fucking freak the fuck out if my front teeth broke. It’s literally my worst nightmare next to being eaten alive by a shark. OK, I’m okay now. Your fixed teeth look great. I’m so sorry that happened to you!!!!


  • Aww I’m sorry!! Yeah it was my worst nightmare come to life, no question. I freaked out for about 15 minutes and was in total shock. All I could keep saying was “I work at a Fortune 500… I can’t be missing my fucking teeth!!!” (Yes I’m aware I sounded like a snob, but seriously though…) After about 20min of that, I pulled it together, found an emergency oral surgeon about 4 minutes from my house, and was at his front door by 8am the next morning. I left at 2pm with my mouth looking mostly-back-to-normal and this last Friday I received the most beautiful crown I could have imagined.

    I must have hit my face just right for the teeth to break because there was no bruising, no split lip, no pain in my face… just broken teeth.

    I’m okay now but I will say I’m pretty freaked out about any fast movements or large objects coming near my face. At the concert on Friday night these dudes started jumping around and raging all punk rock style and I couldn’t get away from them fast enough. SO much paranoia about my face now.

    But if you ever have questions about root canals, dental implants, or crowns – holla at your girl.

  • OMG, girl! I’m so sorry to hear about the teeth incident and what Grace said, that really is the stuff of nightmares. Glad you’re all fixed up now. I can feel the pain of costly dental work; we just got Jeff’s $6,500 bridge paid off after 2 years. Dental insurance is a joke; my dentist refers to it as a discount program (if you’re lucky).

    Now that’s over with and we’re back from vacation, we need to schedule our postponed girls’ night. Hope to see you soon!

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