About a Blogger Who Remembered How to Laugh

About a Blogger Who Remembered How to Laugh

Should I Stay Or Should I Go… Now-ish?

Everyone knows I love my house, but I don’t OWN my house, right?

We’ve been renting this house for about 8 years now. I get a lot of flack about renting and how I have basically paid off my landlord’s mortgage, and while I know that’s true, if I hadn’t been renting here it would have been somewhere else because quite simply – I haven’t been in a position to buy a house until, like, now.

And now also happens to be the time my landlords have asked if we want to buy this house. Specifically, before the end of the year so we all win with tax write-offs.

Mi casa
An older pic, but this is mi casa.

Now, I *love* this house. But I also feel like we’ve outgrown it a bit or we would need to make some modifications – big ones.

But regardless, I got pre-approved and prequalified for a home loan and it turns out I can afford a bit more than what my landlords want for this house which is totally cool… except I’m finding it damn near impossible to match the things I love about this place.

Note: There was one exception, and it was amazing. I put an offer in, went back and forth for three counter offers, and lost the house to the seller accepting a cash offer about 5 minutes before I accepted the final counter. I was, and still am, completely heartbroken.

Anyway – here’s the pro’s and con’s.

Pro’s to Buying This House:

  1. Location: It couldn’t be in a better spot. Literally. I walk to Crane’s Roost park and jog, I walk to the mall, I’m 5 minutes from an I4 ramp in either direction. I’m basically in the heart of, what in 15 years, will be “downtown Altamonte Springs.”
  2. Style: My house is only 10yrs old and it’s in a new style that we prefer.
  3. Age: Because it’s only 10yrs old, the roof, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, etc., are all in good if not great condition.
  4. Price: This house is totally in our price range with room to spare.
  5. History: I mean, we obviously know everything that’s been done to this house… including the 3 AC fixes and termite treatment.
  6. Space: It ain’t perfect. The living space is tight and there’s no real way to remodel that would make sense and really open up the space.

Con’s to Buying This House:

  1. Size: It’s close in square footage but we need and want larger common living area space.
  2. Quality: This house was built to rent so while the style is great and the age is new, there are definitely some upgrades needed in the kitchen, bathrooms and flooring.
  3. Specific Location: We’re located right on a busy road so traffic is a thing. I’m used to it now, but god help us if they expand the size of the road and creep on our easement.
  4. No Fresh Start: I know this is a bit intangible, but it would be nice to start fresh in a house that’s new to us.
  5. Creature Comfort Upgrades: So, not only would we need to do some upgrades for quality but we would also want to do some unnecessary upgrades like enclosing our porch for a Florida room, building out a new patio, maybe adding a pergola and firepit. And there’s no room for a pool, which is kind of heartbreaking.

Another “con” that we are quickly learning about: The “available inventory” is extremely low in the Altamonte area for the size and quality of the house we want. Thus, the blue sentence above. So basically, it’s a seller’s market and we’re buyers who need to find something by November.

Now, the good news is a) we can buy this house, and b) we can probably ask our Landlords for an extension of our lease to get us through next year and give us more time to shop.

But if you were me, what would you do?

Most of you reading this have been to my house… and if you haven’t, with all that stuff in mind, got any advice to share? Because I need it!

4 thoughts on “Should I Stay Or Should I Go… Now-ish?”

  • Ok, so here’s my thoughts: I think location is GIANT factor in where you’re living. While I think my house is a bit small, I super LOVE the location (15 min from downtown, 15 min from UCF, 2 min from 408).

    I wouldn’t sweat the no room for a pool. We were super jazzed about our pool and barely use it. It’s a lot of annoying maintenance for something that’s used once every couple months IF THAT. You think you will use your pool a lot for parties, sunbathing, etc. But you won’t. And then you’ll have a dead pool pump that you’ll have to replace for that pool that you barely use. (ahem,me,now)

    I think the fact that you love that house already is also a big factor. Any house has upgrade requirements. We upgraded our floors, cabinets, and painted the whole thing when we moved in. I would be surprised if you found that perfect house that didn’t need several upgrades. Not because anything is crappy, but we all have our own taste and when it’s your “forever” house, you want what you want.

    With that said, eight years is a long time. My ass would want a change of scenery. But you can always have that at another time. Just because you buy the house now, doesn’t mean you can’t sell it 5 years down the road when you really do find that perfect house. One you can take your time finding instead of settling because you need one by November.

    Well shit. I have a lot of feelings on this apparently.

  • I’m probably biased being that I’m ready for a change and a pool, so I’m on the “move elsewhere with a pool or room for one” side of the fence. And once we move, that’s going to be it, hopefully for a very long time. Not sure where you are along that line of thinking but you may want to take into consideration if you want to buy that house and stay there for 15-30 years, buy that house and sell in a few years to move somewhere else you’ll want to stay for a long time, or buy something else where you’ll want to live for a long time. Sorry, I’m probably not any help at all. 😉

  • Don’t know you, but super glad you like your rental. Get up and out and look, change is good for the soul. I’d go for that pool too over size, we use ours every weekend and it’s loads of fun, it’s our outdoor living room. A busy road? Small size? No hope of a pool? Doesn’t sound like your dream home. Have fun looking, tine in to house hunters on HGTV

  • Hi there Cupcake – I just saw this comment. Thanks for the feedback! We actually agree with you 100% and want the pool, the bigger size, the dream home. We’ll get there but since the election results we decided to pause our search and see how the market settles down. We have a feeling it will be a buyer’s market again in about 6 months. Thankfully our landlords were okay to rent to us for another year. 🙂

    Thank you so much for commenting!!

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