About a Blogger Who Remembered How to Laugh

About a Blogger Who Remembered How to Laugh

In Other News – Fall 2016 is officially donesies

I had all these ambitious plans to blog once for every day of my amazing New York / Vermont Apple Picking vaycay.  And then I thought “Oh I should TOTES do a Hula recap…”  And then I was like “EDC exceeded my expectations. I should blog about that.”

But yeah no.

I’m lazy and tired after all that! So instead I’m summarizing the experiences and leveraging the gallery function of my bliggity blog. So here we go!

Fall 2016 Apple Picking in New York & Vermont

I was looking forward to this vacation ALL YEAR LONG and I am happy to say it met expectations! This was the first time we vay-cay’d with MY college friends – Grace and Mike – and we each brought along a significant other – Vince with me, A-aron with Grace, and Jai with Mike.

We got to our cabin on Lake Hague – I suspect it’s an amazing summer retreat but we used it for fall foliage gazing – and spent two days doing nothing by the fire and two days driving all over upstate New York and Vermont. We had little-to-no cell signal and the wifi was so insecure that our laptops wouldn’t connect, so we got completely cut off from the real world and it was phenomenal.  Grace gave us all hand-knit socks, we walked across The Hudson and hiked The AuSable Chasm, found a headstone for someone named Roxy Rising (best. name. ever.) in the town’s original cemetery, and listened to music non-stop.

It was everything a vacation should be and then some.

I also learned several important things:

  1. I will never outgrow Grace and Mike. I love them so very much.
  2. Lakes aren’t round… they can be long, and skinny. This was a news flash to Floridian-me.
  3. Upstate New Yorkers like above their pools above ground and their dead buried with large headstones.
  4. Burlington Vermont can out-Asheville Asheville NC.
  5. Vince fits in with Mike and Grace as well as I fit in with Dave and Timmay.
  6. You might be able to afford $200 worth of meat, but if you don’t have Aaron with you to cook it, don’t bother.

Hulaween 2016 was great, and probably my last

2015 was my first Hula and I absolutely fell in love with that festival. It was my first time camping at Spirit of the Swuannee River Park, it was my first REAL festival, and it was my first time camping with brand new friends Emily, Brad, Sharon, and Brandon. Of course we brought Alicia and Ryan with us because duh.

This year we did exactly the same festival, park, and set-up. We traded Sharon for Shelly, added in Brian, and even came in a day earlier for the pre-party, with the addition of Timmy and Tabitha. But for some reason this year just didn’t jive with me. Shell’s golf cart got stollen, our wood got stolen, I couldn’t unsee the wooks, I barely took my hoop out with me, and while Spirit Lake was still magical, I was disappointed with how similar it was to last year.

But it wasn’t all bad – I got to hit the Silent Disco this year and LOVED IT! I rode the rail for Karl Denson and LOVED IT! I showered 3 times a day and LOVED IT! I woke up to a fucking bunny in my camp, hanging out while it’s sombrero was being made…. how can you not LOVE that? I also stayed completely, 100% sober for the entire weekend and LOVED IT. (Exception: The bottle of champagne I had every morning for breakfast)

EDC Orlando Exceeded My Very, Very, Very Low Expectations

So last year I missed EDC because it was the weekend after Hula and I had no brain cells left. Vince and Joey brought home Tabitha though, and even though I didn’t attend EDC I did end up hosting an after party of sorts… so… yeah.

This year Vince surprised me with tickets and I was like “what the hell.” So the weekend after all that Hula insanity, we got dressed up and went to EDC. It rained, it poured, and it was TOTALLY different vibes and music than Hula.

Instead of Wooks, I got Bro’s. Instead of jambands, I got DJ’s. Instead of annoying rage sticks / totems, I got… wait no… actually annoying totems were front and center (literally) at both Hula and EDC.

But otherwise, I had a REALLY good time! The crowd, while young and much more muscular than Hula, was just as nice if not nicer! The music and dancing space were great too! I *love* electronic music so I felt like I was indulging my inner basshead, but I genuinely (and again, totally sober) loved every set I saw and danced my ass off. I also brought my hoop with me and because I didn’t have a camp-base to put it down, I hooped much more than I did at Hula.

It ended pretty early every night but they didn’t let that stop them from bringing it with the pyro and bass. I thoroughly enjoyed every second – and I finally got to see Rabbit In the Moon, IN PERSON (albeit, far far away), and Allison Wonderland, who is adorable, and Nero Live, which was actually really impressive.

So, that was the craziness of my Fall 2016. I have some more fun stuff to add – like Neil deGrass Tyson – and some not-fun stuff to add – like, Lexi is really, really ill… and we are cherishing every moment left with her.

Farewell, Fall 2016. I’ll remember you for all these amazing moments, and forgive you for everything else.

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