About a Blogger Who Remembered How to Laugh

About a Blogger Who Remembered How to Laugh

Get a tree, they said…

Alright so, I haven’t had a whole lot I’ve wanted to document since losing Lexi but I don’t want my last post of 2016 to be sad. So let me tell you about the irony of this year’s Christmas tree.

First, the whole reason I decorate is because of Lexi. The cat loved Christmas more than anyone in the house and as soon as garland or lights came out, she trotted into the room and got into everything.  Losing her on Thanksgiving, the weekend we normally put out all the decorations, made me want to skip Christmas entirely even though we got our traditional family of four ornament while she was still with us.

This year we were snowmen. <3

But none of my friends were having that and everyone recommended I decorate anyway. So we did!

I even took the opportunity to re-theme my tree, going all red and white and candy cane colored. The day we bought the tree was the day we got new lights and ribbon and picked Lexi’s remains up from the vet. We also dropped off the obscene amount of gourmet food we purchased for her at the end (that Muffins does NOT need to eat) at the Orange County Animal Shelter where I found Muffins 11 years ago.

Her shrine. She probably expected it to be bigger. We’ve since added her collar and some photos.

The only thing I kept from our old decorations were the special ornaments and the tree skirt that I purchased last year. It’s *amazing* and was only $15 from Marshalls. Huge, so fluffy, and I would wear it like a cape if it were appropriate. By the end of the day our tiny tree was absolutely perfect and brought good tears and smiles to the house.

Christmas Tree 2016

I should mention at this point that we got the tree from the same guys we’ve gotten trees from for the last 10 years. We’ve slowly gotten smaller and smaller in our picks and this was definitely the smallest tree we’ve ever purchased. When we picked it, it wasn’t sitting in water. And when they shaved the bottom clean, they barely cut any off. It was a SUPER tiny tree.

But it did the job – it got us smiling. 🙂

And so Vince’s family came over and we had an awesome Christmas Eve and morning – it looked like this:


Matching PJ’s and awkward camera timer smiles.
Joey and the two Vince’s
Me and Anna in matching shirts.
“Cooking” with rum.

But while we were having fun and being all Christmas-ee, the tree was dying. Like, DYINGGGGGGGGGG.

It drank literally no water from the day we got it all the way through Christmas day. By the time the family arrived with presents I had to tell everyone to avoid touching the tree at ALL COSTS because even the most gentle touch made needles cascade to the floor. I was – literally – down to less than 6 ornaments because they kept falling off as the branches sagged… died… and the tree just… kinda… wilted.

As soon as Christmas was over and the presents were gone, we started taking it down. I’ve NEVER taken a tree down so quickly. Once what was left was removed, it looked like this:

Get a tree, they said… it’ll cheer you up, they said…

I’ll be honest – there was a part of me that was like “GREAT. Another fucking thing to die and disappoint this year.” But there was another part – a louder part – that was like “LOOOOOOOOOOOL the irony!!”

The tree that was supposed to cheer us up and get us all in the holiday mood ended up dying within weeks and was the saddest, most Charlie Brown tree I’ve ever owned.

Which is pretty effing funny, tbh.

But in the end, this tree gave Vince the best, most satisfying Christmas ever – a chance to use the shop vac like never before. (Seriously, this should be a commercial for our shop vac manufacturer)

Goodbye, 2016. I’ll have the last laugh if it kills me.

3 thoughts on “Get a tree, they said…”

  • You’re very lucky!!! A man that will clean. Most men with shop vacs have shops and never come inside to be with his family. That’s how my dad was, mom was a Shop widow every day. Now that I’m grown with kids of my own and a good husband/daddy, I feel bad for her. She doesn’t know what it’s like to have a husband that’s your best friend like we do. My dad is a good ole southern boy, he hunts too so winter she’s alone.she’ll be in the house tomorrow all. BY herself while he hunts, lucky her, she’ll spend another year with him in his shop cause everything out there is more important than her. I married a man nothing like my dad, thank the Lord. You’re a city girl and probably so is your mom, so you don’t get this. Glad you have such a super husband, dressing like you and his family with you. My mom never gets that.

  • Dude I couldn’t keep the man from vacuuming if my life depended on it. He says it’s “instant gratification” and I joke that he loves it so much I’m going to get him a riding vacuum. I might not lose him to his shop, but I definitely lose him to his shop vac on many occasions. But yes, I am a lucky girl! Glad to hear you are as well. 🙂

  • hey, I got a romba for Christmas, just pushed the button twice and the floors are clean. Got the sweeper/mop one also but haven’t used yet. Happy New Year.

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