About a Blogger Who Remembered How to Laugh

About a Blogger Who Remembered How to Laugh

HoopCamp in DeLeon Springs was AWESOME!

The series of “Drafts I’ve had forever that I finally finished writing” continues… 

Mother’s Day weekend 2015 I learned something VERY important: I can camp without Vince.


Notice I didn’t say “I can camp without Vince’s supplies.” I still need his shit. It just turns out Alicia and I can set-up a pretty legit camp all on our own.  🙂

How did I learn such a thing was possible, you ask? Alicia, Ariel, Danielle and I went to the first ever eFLOWlution at Camp Winona in DeLeon Springs.


When we heard about eFLOWution Alicia and I thought it was a no-brainer – $115 for three days of camping and flow workshops hosted by some of the most amazing and impressive flow artists we “know” on Instagram. I’m pretty sure we purchased the Early Bird tickets back in January when the only thing on the website was a homepage, a list of instructors, and a date.

Now, we were cool with there being no location shown at first… it was to be hosted in Central Florida, specifically Deland-area, so even if it completely sucked we would only be 45 minutes from my front door.

But as time went on and we got closer and closer and closer to Mother’s Day without any idea of where this would be, we got more and more… concerned.

I’m happy to report that concern was totally wasted energy and eFLOWution, or “Hoop Camp” as we called it, was flippin’ AWESOME!

From the MediaShare in eFLOWution Fest - Just an awesome view of a fire circle
From the MediaShare in eFLOWution Fest – Just an awesome view of a fire circle

All in all there were maybe 60 people there, most of whom knew each other or knew of each other, and by the end of the first day the sense of community and togetherness amongst everyone was absolutely epic.

We brought a few hoops.
We brought a few hoops.

My favorite parts:

  • Lessons from Lee Jeffries in sustained spinning to an audience of four – me, Alicia, Ariel, and one other cool chick – and wishing I could shove him into my tent for keeps. (Click that link to watch his sick ass hoop magic. It. is. amazeballs.)
  • Making friends with Brad Hunt from Atlanta on a subject in which we are both connoisseurs….
  • Watching Rachel Lust do the sick ass breaks for which she is known, and seeing how totally chill and real she is. I literally couldn’t even.
  • Hanging out with Katie Emmit and friends, and then watching her hoop with my eVoke for the final Saturday night performance.
  • Meeting and hanging out with Thomas from Orlando Spin Jam and seeing how much genuine fun he has hooping with his head and juggling with, well, anything.
  • Hearing the sound of fire – fire fans, fire hoops, fire poi, fire staff. At one time the field had 12 people performing flamming flow arts and the sound… it was amazing.
  • Taking a break from workshops to swim with the group and commiserate on the broken Blob. 🙁
  • Getting feathers in my hair and flash tattoos on my arm with my girls.
  • Nicknaming our Camping Cart the MVP, since it drug all our shit out to the prime, lake-front real estate we scored… and back.
  • FINALLY learning how to escalator….
  • Blissing the fuck out to some really great electronic music with my eVoke and playing with Ariel’s Hyperion.
  • Spending almost an entire day in an elevated state of mind with Alicia by our camp, talking and napping and re-setting my soul.

But if there’s one thing I want to document, one thing I REALLY want whoever is reading this to watch, it’s Ty Roachford’s fire poi performance. This. shit. was. epic. I seriously believe every girl’s panties dropped when this song broke at :38. And the fact that he free-styled this? This. THIS is why I’ve fallen in love with the flow arts.

Til next year, my flow family. Or Hulaween…. 🙂

<3 Always - the 11pm-hot-mess-Alicia. :)
<3 Always, the hot-camping-mess-takin-selfies-in-the-scary-bathroom-because-whoa-dat-hair-doe-Alicia. 🙂

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