About a Blogger Who Remembered How to Laugh

About a Blogger Who Remembered How to Laugh

Artist I’m Digging II

Have you guys seen watercolor tattoos? Pants I know for sure has since she sent me to the Instagram account of @FindYourSmile who appears to specialize in this style (and is working in Orlando, btw)

Watercolor tattoos are just gorgeous. I’m currently forcing myself to not get one. If my love for this style remains true for another year (maybe two) then I will follow-through, but my love must stand the test of time.

Pretty watercolor mandala
Pretty watercolor mandala. Source: RodrigoTas.com
Lotus watercolor. *le sigh*
Lotus watercolor. *le sigh* Source: Google Image Search

What do runny watercolor tattoos have to do with an artist I’m digging?

I’ve seen some pretty gorgeous watercolor-ish tattoos that are actually fan tats of the artist Lora Zombie. And I found Lora Zombie via my friend Ashley. She bought Vince this print to say thanks for letting him borrow his e-pass.

Supercat by Lora Zombie. Source: EyesOnWalls where you can buy her art.

Seriously – how freaking amazing is that print?! I mean, it’s just cool. Like, good old fashioned cool.

  • The running colors are fantastic – so vibrant and fun. Light-hearted, even. Though this is a violent piece, there’s so little red… not a bloody or murderous piece…
  • Meanwhile, the kitty is so perfectly pitch dark. And if the eyes are the window to the soul, this kitty’s conscious is clear. Though violent and well-armed, I don’t think this is a ‘bad’ kitteh.
  • I love that the birds are also that pitch black, though. I don’t think they’re ‘bad’ either. I think this is the natural conflict between two opposing species.
  • Which begs the question – why the hell is this kitty so well-armed? Why isn’t this kitty going after the birds, as kitties naturally do, with only it’s bare claws? How did the kitty get that gun?
  • Which I think really speaks to all of humanity. Why are we so well armed? Is it really necessary to arm ourselves to the teeth, every day? Isn’t it ridiculous how big our weapons have gotten in proportion to our tiny human (or kitty) selves?

I had this print framed and it hangs on the wall next to The Oatmeal’s Mrowwy Night, which I got for Vince as a Christmas gift because it’s awesome. 🙂

The Oatmeal
The Oatmeal’s Mrowwwy Night. Source from TheOatmeal

What’s really great about having these two pieces hanging next to each other (besides the fact that we can be immediately identified as “those weird cat people”) is that the kitty is oddly similar across prints.

Because it’s kind of heavy to wonder why the hell humanity is armed to the teeth, I prefer to think of these two prints as telling one complete story.

In Super Cat, the kitteh is fighting bird crime and in Mrowwy Night he’s seen looking over the city he protects.

As for Lora Zombie, there are tons of her other pieces that I really love and, I think, force me to ask the same or similar questions.  Her take on Nyan Cat hints that it requires a certain amount of medication to fully appreciate the obnoxious rainbow in that meme. Her use of pandas and unicorns and wolves in prints with tiny, trusting little girls always make me think of human innocence vs. the wizened, inherit goodness of animals. And her portraits of Amy Winehouse and Thom York, I mean, yes. Just yes.

Check out EyesOnWalls for Lora Zombie’s pieces. Because there’s a ton more and they’re super fun to look at, if not think about.

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