About a Blogger Who Remembered How to Laugh

About a Blogger Who Remembered How to Laugh

I don’t do yoga but I love my yoga wheel

How do I know I’m not basic? Well, it’s not the Michael Kors bag I carry, or my inner arm text tattoo, or my love of PSL’s…

No no, I’m not basic because I’ve never been to a real yoga class.

I have yoga pants,… and yoga DVD’s… and I’ve done P90X yoga (I’ve been told this is not real yoga).

But I’ve never owned a yoga mat and I’ve never gone to a yoga class, either at my gym or at a real yoga place or even at the completely amazing ashram in my neighborhood with real yogi’s and kundalini yoga experts.

Why? I dunno, man. I think it boils down to patience. I like my exercise fast and intense and sweaty and heart pounding. I am not known for my patience, and yoga requires patience.

One could argue that’s exactly why I should do yoga. But whatever, I’m not here to argue.

My dear friend Alicia introduced me to hooping about two years ago and I fell in love. Learning tricks, incorporating dance moves, feeling music… hula hooping speaks to my soul. I call it “interpretive dance in a 29″ circle.” No matter how few my tricks may be, my love of spinning in circles is so pure I simply don’t care how ridiculous I look. Hooping has helped me laugh when I didn’t think I could, cry when I needed to, and move when a long day at work made me want to crash. I love it so, so much.

Me and Alicia and our hoops at Hulaween!
Me and Alicia and our hoops at Hulaween!

When Alicia brought over this…wheel thing… and challenged me to stretch my back on it, I was like “err… wut?” But she was for real – even her husband Ryan loves the wheel and uses it for his back.

So of course I sat on it. I rolled around on it. I definitely understood why she liked it but I was not at all sold on it. A wheel? Covered in yoga mat material? I mean… I guess.

But then I woke up one morning with what my chiropractor calls “Classic Office Worker Back.” It’s when the spot just between the shoulder blades needs to be popped and the ache is downright distracting.

So I found an affordable wheel on Amazon and boom. I had a wheel.

Which meant I needed a mat…

And the next then I knew, I was looking up videos and tutorials and reading yoga blogs and stretching out every weekend and most weeknights, and now I fucking love this yoga wheel.

dat stretch doe.
dat stretch doe.

I got it to stretch out my back right between my shoulder blades and it WORKS. I feel like I went to the chiropractor every time I use it – sometimes in both a good and a bad way. I’ve also figured out how to do crunches and push-ups on it, in addition to the obvious backbends and shoulder stretches. I seriously love this thing.

And it’s different / fun enough that I’m actually considering attending a real yoga class.

What’s frustrating is that there aren’t a whole lot of online resources for yoga routines with wheels, nor have I been able to find a local class that uses the wheel – though I have hope that Pants’ Elevate Yoga studio downtown will have one.

It also looks like Yogiapproved.com is creating some cool online yoga classes and they have a great intro class on How to Use a Yoga Wheel. And of course there’s always Instagram #yogawheel posts.

But that’s kind of it that I’ve been able to find. So while I love my wheel, like LOVE the thing, I also have no idea what I’m really doing with it…

But that’s okay! I’ve got my backporch, my kitties, and timelapse video to help me feel like “yoga” is going faster than it feels.

And I think I’m actually getting better / stronger every day!

So if you’re looking for a new prop, if you’re into yoga already, if you have lame office worker back pain, or if you just need to get a good stretch in from time to time, I highly recommend getting a yoga wheel.

Mine is by UpCircleSeven and currently selling for $32 to $45 on Amazon, depending on the color you want.

Oh yeah, and of course, now there’s this:


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