I’m inconsistent and here’s proof

About a month ago I remembered I have this blog and noticed my last post was from May 2017. That means it’s been seven – SEVEN – months since I’ve documented anything in my life.

And while I have good reason, I also have tons of stuff to document like Europe! Platinum and purple hair! And Europe! Lotus and Jersey! And Europe!

But before catching up I re-read my last post from way back in May. It’s about shoes. Specifically, about $275 Tieks that I returned because I just couldn’t justify the cost on something that goes on the ground…

Which leads me to the subject of this post – proof that I am one inconsistent lady. Because in May, handmade Italian leather flats for just shy of $300 were absolutely unthinkable. And then in November,… this happened:

That bag is so big because it has TWO pairs of red bottoms in it.

Okay, so actually what had happened was…

Vince and I were wandering the streets of Paris near our Air B&B around 9pm and we ended up in a little itty bitty side road. The only thing open was a pizza shop and directly across from that pizza place was this beautiful Christian Louboutin store. It straddled both sides of an open air mall lined with all sorts of lovely shops and while I have never, ever, in my entire life, considered buying designer shoes, I had also never been inside of a Louboutin store.

I immediately marked the store as a place to swing by on our way to the Louvre the next day – just to look.

And so back we went the very next morning before heading off to spend a very long day in a very big museum. And I went in “just to look.”

The next thing I knew, I had a very lovely French woman pulling out three pairs in my size and I was prancing around their red carpeted showroom. And these weren’t just any Loubs, btw. These were three that were in the front window on display.

I didn’t want to pick two similar pair, I didn’t even intend to buy ONE pair, actually. But these two… they’re so different, and so gorgeous, and while they both have the glitter-heel (“In Drag” according to the label, because of course they are) they are otherwise completely different styles.

And so, in a fit of shoe madness and without even knowing the cost, I said I would take them both.

Ladies and gentlemen, since so many people have asked I will go ahead and share: These two pairs of shoes cost $1,200. And I’m rounding down.


Purple Aketi in Drag. Easily fits into a small purse for a quick change upon arriving at a fancy venue. Photographed on the red carpet with Blake Lively and Demi Moore.

Dolla Dola’s in Drag. These were more expensive than the purple pair and the brocade is *perfectly* matched and unique to each pair. I have no words for how much I love these shoes.

Because this was the 2nd day of a 13 day trip, and the first city of three, I had to carry these amazing, beautiful, luxurious, expensive, elegant pieces of local Parisian art with me all over Europe. I couldn’t check them in luggage (AS IF!) so I cleared out my carry on and kept them on my person at all times. And I did not mind ONE. BIT.

I even got the chance to wear the Aketi to the ballet in Prague! Women were complimenting me throughout intermission and I heard several audible gasps as I sashayed away…. #mamaruapproved!

Thank god I packed something that matched!

Once I got these beauties home I took them to a local cobbler who coated the toe-area of the soul with red grip to a) keep me from busting my ass, and b) keep them from being harmed or damaged as the red soul wears away with use. When I handed them over to the guy he was like “it’s going to be okay…” because he could tell I was freaking out, and then he later showed them off to others (so I heard).

Anyway – the point of this post isn’t to (just) talk about how gorgeous these shoes are but to show proof that I am an inconsistent creature. My rational for sending back those Tieks only one blog post ago disappeared when I was faced with shoes significantly more expensive in the city of lights.

But ya know what? I don’t mind being inconsistent if it means being this damn in love with a shoe. 🙂

3 thoughts on “I’m inconsistent and here’s proof

  1. Also, now I’m laughing because in that picture outside the shop you’re standing like a stork and it looks like you only have one leg.

  2. Okay YES I had the leg kicked-up because I was so freaking divinely happy to have given away so much money in trade for such beautiful shoes. So what if I’m a stork! HAHA!!!!

    The ballet was gorgeous. We saw Valmont, so the ballet version – in Czech with English subtitles above-stage – of Dangerous Liaisons. The story was fantastic, easy to follow, and the sets were great. The lurid nature of the original story was front and center – they did not shy away from the sexytimes. And the end was just as dramatic and sad as one would expect. Very true to the original.

    I wanted to see an Opera in Czech because Prague and Austria are where Opera originated but that ballet was just too intriguing… LoubWorthy!

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