About a Blogger Who Remembered How to Laugh

About a Blogger Who Remembered How to Laugh

Christmas Morning

Here we are. It looks like I remembered the logins to this ol’ thing just in time to get a post in on Christmas morning 2017.

This year I woke up with two kitties on either side of me in a calm, quiet space designed to enhance my emotional safety and personal growth.

I woke up without any family nearby, a home without my sister, my husband, or either of our families.

I woke up to nearly the end of a year that brought more challenges and change than I ever thought possible, which is pretty epic considering some of the challenges and changes I’ve experienced in the last few years.

And I find myself, for what has to be the million’th time, with a heart and soul so incredibly full not despite the challenges and changes I’ve experienced but BECAUSE of them.

You would think I would have figured this out by now but I can confirm that the more I “lose” the more grateful, grounded, happy, and stronger I become.

I’m “alone” right now in the traditional sense but my heart is so full. I am loved, and I love. Where I am, who I’m with, what I’ve experienced and have yet to experience, what is going on in the world – none of that really matters right now. I’m happy. I’m okay. Everything is going to be okay.

Merry Everything.

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