About a Blogger Who Remembered How to Laugh

About a Blogger Who Remembered How to Laugh

Sooo I bought some Tieks…

*Update* I’m returning them. There’s no point in owning a pair of shoes that I am petrified of sweating in because they’re so damn expensive. They’re cute and comfortable but not THAT cute, not THAT comfortable, and I’m literally afraid to wear them. Back they go.


About a year ago I pulled some muscle or tendon in my foot while running and was forced to stop wearing heels to work every day.

It was hard. Like, really hard. I was addicted to heels – all heights but preferably 3.25″ to 4″. At 5′ 4″ tall, I feel more powerful in heels. I like to wear them with skinny jeans or dresses. I love heels in bright colors and sparkly metallics.

They often hurt and I would sigh with relief when I got into my car after work and took them off, and sometimes even my back hurt if I stood in heels too long. But… I didn’t care. I loved them.

I literally had an entire quarter of a wall in my 4th bedroom dedicated to shoes with at least 25 pairs of high heels.

But even though I *loved* wearing heels and collected them like crazy, I had never – EVER EVER – spent more than $100 on a single pair.


Because shoes go on the ground. They have feet in them. They spend hours pounding pavement on a part of the body that sweats and requires 3rd party grooming.

And yet,… earlier this week I spent nearly $300 on a single pair of flats.

Yeah. Really.

In fact, I’m wearing them right now as I blog and I’m trying to decide if I’m going to keep them.

See, when my foot got better I vowed to take better care of myself by wearing flats at least 2 of 5 days a week at work. And I bought a shit ton of cute flats and wedges to do so.

But they all. fucking. hurt.

  • Those Sperry’s are pink suede so while the soles are comfortable and the width is great, and they look adorable, the backs will rub on my ankles and take the skin off. They were $65.00
  • The gold Anne Klein sports have a slide wedge to the heal and fit great. They’re also the same brand as some of the most amazing, black pointed flats I’ve ever owned. But those gold wedges are hard as a rock and hurt so bad. They were $50.00
  • Those super cute purple suede pointed toe flats are absolutely adorable with the slanted toe. But.. they don’t bend AT ALL. I wore them to work on a day I knew would be mostly sitting at my desk and I still limped to my car. They were $35.00
  • The black and white wedges are the least good for my feet with that angle but even worse, they pinch and constrain and feel like plastic. In the summer that means they’re hot and painful and slippery. I literally hate them. They were $55.00.
  • And the gladiator sandals are a bitch to zip up and painful as fuck along the top of my foot. And ugly. They were $45.00.

That’s $250.00 for 5 pairs of shoes I’ve worn a total of 20 times.

Sooo I bought some Tieks…

I read roughly 15 different blog posts on Tieks over the course of a few months and finally took the plunge for the Electric Snake print.

I figured if I’m getting handmade Italian leather flats – hand painted and cut to look like snakeskin – with basically a lifetime warranty, then I would damn well get a pair that could go with pretty much anything and would spice up my closet.

Here they are.

That’s them. I have to be honest, I got the box open and even though they were beautifully packaged and came with a handwritten note, I was kinda like “this is it?”

The color is much more dull in person and the leather has been handcut to have the snakeskin look so they kind of crinkle. These are also foldable flats so they curl up into a ball when they’re not worn.

So I unfolded them and put them on and then…


First time I put my foot into them and they felt like an old friend. They are LEGIT comfortable.

But they’re also expensive as fuck. So… before I wear them outside and make then un-returnable, I decided to wear them in the house.

It’s been two days of wearing them around the house and so far this is what I’ve got:

  • They’re as comfortable as advertised – the heel, toe, width, length are all pretty spot on. I can see them getting even more comfortable as the leather molds to my foot.
  • They’re cute but I’m disappointed with how dull they are.
  • I’m surprised at how low profile they are – I do not have a high arch… so that makes me worry about standing / running around in them for an entire day.
  • I’ve only worn them inside, which means in air conditioning. What happens when my foot sweats? (We live in Florida, it will happen) Will they slip? Squeak? Turn colors? Stretch too much?

So here I am, 2nd night with Tieks and I’m afraid to wear them outside because I still just don’t know if they’re worth THAT much money.

In fact, I would say the #1 thing holding me back from taking these out for a long walk outside is my genuine guilt about spending this much money on effing shoes.

So… what do I do? What would you do? Because I truly don’t know but between 1 pair of could-be-awesome shoes and 5 pairs of definitely-were-not-awesome shoes… I feel like I might actually give these a chance.

Halp. 🙁

4 thoughts on “Sooo I bought some Tieks…”

  • This time is as good as any to break out that video: “These shoes cost $300….let’s get ’em!”

    I bought a pair of SUPER comfortable Dr. Scholl’s low-heeled ankle books on Zappos for $65. Have you tried some of the “comfort” brands like that? I’ve never considered Anne Klein and the like to be particularly comfortable.

  • Dude shoes is an ancient video now – I think it turned 10 last year! But yes, very, very, very relevant.

    I have tried comfort brands and have an Aerosole wedge that is pretty comfy. I’ve tried the Dr. Scholl’s heels and they felt good. I had a pair of flats that I wore all over Italy and Barcelona that were awesome but with a plastic upper they felt super tight at the end of the day and never stretched.

    The Anne Klein sports that changed my life are here: https://www.dsw.com/en/us/product/anne-klein-sport-olla-flat/331723?activeColor=001 – One review says “it’s like they took my foot measurements before making this shoe.” And they ain’t wrong. But alas, those only come in one color.

    So now to decide if I’m returning these Tieks. Vince likes them a lot and thinks if I spent that much on cheaper shoes trying to find something that fit then there’s no problem keeping expensive shoes that are already really comfortable.

    I just feel SO. GUILTY.

    Trying to find a cheaper pair on their site to exchange them for so I can enjoy but not be guilt ridden. :/

  • Yeah eff it. I’m returning them. I can’t own a shoe that I am petrified of sweating in because its so expensive. What’s the point? Back they go.

  • Get some Birkenstock shoes to wear around the house, soft bed. Wear them all the time you’re home, never go barefooted. Then you can wear other shoes at work. Those are cute but go to happy feet, it’s a store, they can help with this machine. They have pretty shoes too, even heels that are comfy and give lots of support. You really don’t want none spurs. Best of luck

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