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I accidentally fell in love with Paris

Everyone wants to go to Paris, right?

It’s this romantic city, the City of Lights, there’s the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre and Notre Dame. It’s supposedly magical and wondrous but for some reason I never really wanted to go.

But when we were booking our trip for Prague and Budapest – two of my bucket list cities – we needed a major European city to fly directly in and out of. Initially I thought “Amsterdam!” But when I looked for Air B&B’s they were all taken – literally “only 14% left during your dates” and they were all super bad compared to what we found in other cities.

I later found out that Cannabis Cup is hosted during the American Thanksgiving Break in Amsterdam which explains why there was no where to stay. So we checked out flights to Paris, Air B&B’s in Paris, and within a week we booked Paris.

I was excited about The Louvre but that was about it.

And then… we got there…

And Paris is the city of my dreams. It is everything I’ve ever loved about any major city and things I didn’t know I could love. It’s gorgeous and intoxicating.

Our first night – after a long nap because #jetlagyo – we walked nearly 10 miles around the city in pretty cold weather. I saw the Eiffel Tower and it literally took my breath, it was so beautiful. EVERYTHING was so beautiful.

Me on my first night in Paris, completely in love.

Besides spending an entire morning buying Louboutins… our days went like this:

  • Wake up and dash downstairs to the little patisserie for fresh croissants and carbonated orange juice.
  • Find a crepe for lunch.
  • Walk and look and shiver with cold and excitement.
  • Spend 7 hours in The Louvre.
  • Find dinner with breads and cheese boards and pate and champagne.
  • Search the entire city for gloves for Vince.
  • Go to an attic that is probably 100 years old to peruse the most unique and special collection of Christmas ornaments I’ve ever seen – and buy some very specials ones to take home.
  • Buy macaroons at EVERY OPPORTUNITY!


I could literally spend my entire life doing that every day, or just most days, in Paris. I have never fallen so hard for a city. I fell so hard, in fact, that I’m hoping to take Cody there for New Years eve 2018/2019 and I’m also making a pretty legit effort to learn French!

Pretty interesting development considering I had Paris toward the bottom of my bucket list. Now, I think it’s at the top of places I will defect the US for.

Now if only I knew how they best used Google… 😉

2 thoughts on “I accidentally fell in love with Paris

  1. I’m so fearful that I’ve over-hyped it to you but… I also know that it’s so gorgeous, you’ll love it. I honestly can’t imagine a more perfect city. I know there are parts that aren’t picture perfect, but I don’t even care and would like to explore those as well.

    I have to find a way to end up there. I Just have to.

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