Nine Months Later – Platinum & Purple

Over the years I’ve had pretty much every kind of hair a girl can have (minus a pixie cut) – short, long, straight, wavy, curly, golden blonde, super brunette, red highlights, caramel lowlights, chunks of blonde, blonde tips… I like to switch it up.

But despite all the hell I’ve put my hair through, I’ve never gone platinum blonde. I’m talking white, icey, grey-ish blonde.

This was the closest I’ve ever gotten – in 2007 – and this is decidedly “gold”

So I went to my stylist and said “gimme dis” showing her tons of Pinterest photos of platinum locks, and she said “I can’t do that for you. You need to see Lindsey.”

Now, I didn’t know Lindsey. I’ve never seen her. But my eyelash technician has her hair done by Lindsey and said “she’ll only do like, suicide squad hair so only book if you’re ready.”

Welp, I was ready.

Sadly, my hair wasn’t. Because not only does bleaching hair take time (to do it right and still have hair left) but I also had virgin hair, dark dyed parts, and light dyed parts. So we had to lift ALL THAT SHIT off and get my locks totally white.

But we persevered! And here we are NINE MONTHS LATER with my platinum and purple hair!!!!


Because I have a “real job” we decided to only do purple on the bottom / underneath layer of my hair and it’s AMAZING. As for the platinum part – that is what’s taken the longest and my before / after photos show how much color we had to lift from these locks.

Such a change!

This is easily the most high maintenance hair I’ve ever had but I freaking LOVE it. I don’t know about that whole ‘blondes have more fun’ thing (but god knows everyone has said that to me or asked…) but I can say that platinum is FUN!

Now, the fact that I’m spending 9-months to get my hair purple instead of growing another human being at 35 years old… that’s a story for another time, perhaps. 😉

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