What I’m Reading: We Are Never Meeting in Real Life by Samantha Irby

As I’ve said before: It’s pretty freakin’ rare that I buy a real book. I am addicted to my Kindle and it goes EVERYWHERE with me.

But I make a few exceptions from time to time, and one of those is for a small, local bookstore in Winter Park that I want to make sure stays in business. I end up buying a few books there a year and they’ve all been great. My favorite purchase was Bad Feminist by Roxanne Gay which was recommended to me just after the 2016 election by their excellent staff.

So I found myself back at that little book store a couple of weekends ago and thought “I already have about 4 books on my Kindle that I need to read… but I’ll just check out the area where I got Bad Feminist and see if anything stands out.”

Low and behold, something DID stand out!

I’m sorry but this book is BRIGHT YELLOW and has a REALLY angry, wet kitten on the cover.

Additionally – there is a recommendation from none other than Roxanne Gay, whose book I just mentioned was one of my very favorite finds at this very same bookstore.

So I read the back blurb and it’s basically “A hilarious collection of essays by the blogger of BitchesGottaEat” which tells me nothing. So I open it up and this is the first page I see:

At that point I closed the book, turned around, and bought it without knowing anything else.

So what did I end up with? Well, it is a collection of essays – each chapter is a stand alone story, not entirely in chronological order, about Sam’s life… and regardless of whether she’s talking about organizing her handsoap or describing the rise and fall of intense relationships, this is easily one of the funniest books I have EVER read. Ever. Ever ever ever.

I sent this paragraph to Cody a few nights ago:

Because I was pretty much out of breath, on the floor, gasping for air and laughing so loud I worried my neighbors would think a mental patient is locked inside.

The raw, painfully honest life lessons shared by dear Samantha are everything. Hilarious, authentic, well crafted, poignant, and just overall wonderful.

If you need a book to make you laugh (and has an entire chapter dedicated to a devil cat named Helen Keller because it was blind and deaf as a kitten…) then this is the book for you.


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