One Year of Protesting This Shitshow

Okay we all know I’m pretty much the most pissed off American in the country right now, right? And we all know why so there’s no reason for me to have to logically explain, citing sources and such, exactly why I feel like the current administration is a complete and total shitshow.

So since that’s out of the way, I just need to say IT HAS BEEN A LONG ASS FUCKING YEAR.

Literally one year and I feel like this lady:

Old as fuck and still protesting

But wait! It’s only been a year! Let’s look back at one of my first protests: Orlando International Airport to protest the ban on Muslim countries that don’t have a Trump hotel.

Me and my Steph!

That lovely lady, Steph, and I quickly paired up and started meeting with local state representatives about a woman’s right to choose and keeping her health care decisions between herself and a doctor. This was fannnntastic, and while not an outright protest it was definitely actionable!

With Orange County State Congresswoman Linda Stewart

I did get to protest again on Tax Day….

And while this wasn’t really protesting, I’ve attended many a postcard party to protest ALL manner of offenses – against the environment, against the threat of nuclear war instigated via Twitter, and so much more!

With my Mary from SemDem’s!

I’ve also managed to drink a lot of wine in between protesting… and the President of my ACLU chapter started a campaign for Congress with this dear friend as his campaign manager!

We’ve come such a long way….

And I went to see Hilldawg on her book tour – because I NEEDED TO GRIEVE AND GET SOME GROUP THERAPY ABOUT WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED.

I know what happened. Fucking idiots. Russia propoganda. And voter suppression.

Here I am, a year later, and everything is absolutely, 100% as bad as I thought it would be. This country has turned into a complete and total shitshow. Our standing as the global leader continues to fall every day. The current crop of GOP representatives are so corrupt, so bizarre, so incredibly anti-conservative, that I can’t even recognize them.

And so yeah, here I am 1 year later and I’m still protesting this shit.

1 Year of Marching for Women

And I will keep protesting as long as it takes for this country to get back to normal… whatever “normal” is going to look like when we have to clean-up behind the most corrupt piece of shit to ever approach the White House.

In the meantime, I’ll just keep taking pictures of awesome signs and marching my way through the right side of history.

I’m just going to leave this right here.

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