We saw Lady Gaga and it was everything I dreamed of and more!

This should come as no surprise to anyone but I share a birthday with Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, aka Lady Gaga.

I can honestly say that when she first started getting famous I dug her songs on the radio but I wasn’t crazy about her overall extremes with costumes and make-up. It was fun, but I had a hard time teasing out her actual talent underneath all that showmanship.

That said, I’ve long been a fan, just not what you would call a ‘superfan’.

So when I saw she was coming to Tampa and would be there on the weekend of my Cody’s birthday, I KNEW I had to get tickets and I KNEW they were going to be good ones.

I didn’t care about price, or package, or timing, or even what songs she would play. I just knew that I was taking my Cody to see Gaga for his birthday. So I bought a t-shirt that gave me early access to tickets where I bought the Dances in Circles package for an obscene amount of well-spent money!

And then I sat down with the album Joanne and gave it a good, hard, in depth uninterrupted listen…. and there… after all these years… was the raw, beautiful talent I KNEW Gaga had. It was good… SO, SO good. And I knew that while everyone else had gone to her concerts for fun, we were going to get a concert from her heart with a side of fun.

I am happy to report that is exactly. what. effing. happened! (If you watch the movie below you can stop reading now. Thanks, Google Photo Assistant!)

First, the evening started with the obligatory “I have to run to the mall because I have nothing to wear.” Which worked out well – Cody and I did a divide and concur and were in and out within 45min.

Thank god I had those shoes in my car.

Then we got to the arena and waited in an obnoxious security line because mass shootings didn’t become a thing until long after giant venues full of people were invented.

And THEN we got draaaanks.

Thirsty af

We found our seats and were super disappointed to learn that our VIP lanyards and PINK CLEAR BOOKBAGS were shipped to my house and I had just missed their arrival. But that was okay because… DAT VIEW DOE!!!!!

We were on an endcap nearly dead center from the stage – with seats, not on the floor because I’m short. Now, the last time we did a concert it was Cher – and we were in seats in front of legit old ass people who were VERY upset that we wanted to dance during the show.

So this time we got our seats – 7 rows up from the floor and right in front of the end of her massive cat walk stage – and immediately turned around to the people behind us to ask if it was okay that we stood up to dance.

Six beautiful family-faces said “uhh YEAAAH!”

Then the count down clock started.

Then the lights went down.

Then Lady Gaga’s video wall lit up.

And then… this amazing, badass woman took the stage and played not only the songs that made us dance and scream, but also the songs that made us hold each other and cry. We didn’t sit down once. Not one single song.

The set list:
Diamond Heart
Poker Face
Perfect Illusion
John Wayne
Just Dance
Come to Mama
The Edge of Glory
Born This Way
Bloody Mary
Dancin’ In Circles
Angel Down
Bad Romance
The Cure
Million Reasons

I knew she would play the hits, the pop songs, the crazy outfits… but I also knew from listening to Joanne that she was going to hit me in the feels. And SHE DID. It was an emotional journey like none other and one of the best concert experiences I’ve ever had (and I’ve seen a few).

So naturally, after crying and laughing and dancing… we bought merch and went to Hooters to get some wings, caught an Uber, went to The Honeypot in Ebor and drank ourselves silly. 🙂

Dat line. SMH.

Next up: Demi Lovato!

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